lace disgrace

Hello! My name is Lacie, or Vydri here on Tumblr. I am currently doing some commissions in order to help pay bills and make ends meet a little more comfortably.

Above, and on my art blog (clicky click), you can find my work. 

If you’d like me to make you a drawing, or a banner, get in touch with me.

Currently, for black and white, simple art, I’m asking for $5. 

For medium, slightly more detailed, I’m asking for $10. 

For more intricate, colorful designs, I’m asking $15. 

If you’re not sure, you can send me a message (clickk) and we can decide together what the cost will be. Banners will be similar pricing. 

I will need to know if you want a specific size and what style, as well as a description of what you want. If you want a drawing of yourself, submit a picture of yourself to me.

I do all sorts of designs and themes, even caricatures/chibi!

Please help me out by boosting/reblogging if you don’t want/need my artwork!

I have a donate button on my blog for this and if anyone wants to just throw me a bit of kindness~


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Photobucket23 years old
my spirit animal is snorlax
Photobucket collects toys
Photobucketloves pokemon, cartoons/anime, the internet
Photobucketvery clumsy
Photobucketday dreamer
Photobucketgiggles a bunch
really shy
I do artwork/banner commissions!
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